Healing Gaia

NuPlastiQ’s Advantage

NuPlastiQ is a new generation of plant-based plastic that can outperform other traditional starch based resins.  A  novel method is used to combine NuPlastiQ and other fuel-based resins like PP and PE to give the end products these amazing results:

BiologiQ Brochure

Benefits of NuPlastiQ

NuPlastiQ Product FamilyNuPlastiQ XPNuPlastiQ XDNuPlastiQ BCNuPlastiQ GP
NuPlastiQ Blended With
(partner resin)
PE, PP, PS, etcABS, PP, TPE, rHDPE, etcPHA, PBAT, PLA, etc100% NuPlastiQ,
to be blended with
fuel-based resins
Plant based, renewable
(including partner resin, eg LDPE)

(ASTM D6400 and
Vincotte EN-13432)

(ASTM D6400 and
Vincotte EN-13432)
Stronger, more durable
(allows for down-gauging)
USDA Certified Biobased Content
Reduced fossil fuel-based plastics usage
Maintain or even increase the recyclabilityNA
Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG)

5 times less energy
to produce
NuPlastiQ GP than
Reduce food waste by using plant scrapNA
Maintains or increases long term recyclability of partner plasticsNoNoNA
Shelf Stable
(2 years and more)
Applicationsbags, jugs,
and stretch films
rigid containers,
footwear, toys,
and consumer
retail containers,
trays, cups, lids,
plates, utensils,
bags, agricultural
& industrial films
To be blended with
plastics to make
XP, XD and BC.